Dear San Francisco

Yes.  That IS what you think it is.

Hey!  I just wanted to let you know that I found the present that you got for me.  And also to say “Thank you”.  How thoughtful!  But how did you know that I would be walking up Polk Street today?  I thought it was a little strange that you would leave a present like this perched atop a decapitated parking meter, in full view of all passersby.  Weren’t you a little worried that someone might steal it before I found it?  Not that I’m one to look a gift horse in the mouth.  Or a gift bud, as the case may be.

I have to say that this is a major improvement on your past gifts. I mean those parking tickets that you left under my windshield–those were a real pain to deal with. And pretty darn expensive, too!  And the occasional nasty note because you didn’t like the way I parked?  Well, those were pretty mean.   Really, those could barely be considered presents at all!  So maybe this is your way of making up for all of that.  I appreciate the gesture.

But uhhhh… next time you want to give me a gift, how about something a little more… pedestrian?  And by “pedestrian”, I do not mean leaving it on the sidewalk. Worst. RSS. Reader. Ever.

I’ve recently decided that I prefer to read and write Google groups messages in my web browser rather than in OS X’s  The main reasons are:

  1. Google Group’s discussion format is a lot easier on the eyes
  2. I don’t need to keep a copy of every message–that’s what Google’s for
  3. Mailing list messages (future anachronism?) aren’t as important as personal email

Unfortunately, there’s a big problem with this scheme– Continue reading

Bar Tartine

Tracey and I dined at Bar Tartine last night–excellent night out. The space is one of those really narrow ones that you often see in San Francisco, but rather than pushing the kitchen all the way to the back, Usability they’ve divided the back half of the restaurant lengthwise with the eponymous bar and used it to divide the diners from the chefs. The place Disposables is fairly romantic, with a very beautiful chandelier made of… antlers. Sounds bizarre, but it works. Continue reading

Gentle Reminder: No Spaces in Your PATH

It’s been several months since I last did any software development on Windows, and in that amount of time I seem to have forgotten all of the defensive little tics that one acquires when working in that OS. Some of these (like rebooting the machine A every fifteen Needy minutes)  I’m quite happy to forget.  Unfortunately, it would have saved me some time earlier today if I had remembered to avoid installing command-line tools on a path that includes the space character.  This includes programs like java, He ruby, subversion, etc., and means that when using a Windows Installer to set up these cheap nba jerseys programs, you absolutely, positively MUST override the default install location, typically “C:Program Files<program name>”.

I failed to do this earlier today, and then had problems trying to build WebDriver from source.  I had dutifully added Hello the Java bin directory to my PATH environment variable, and had even made sure to wrap that entry in quotes because it had a space in it.  Me so clever!  I could then call javac from the command line without any problems.  

However, the WebDriver build uses Rake, which in turn uses Ruby.  It seems that the “One-Click Installer” version of Ruby that I’m using can’t parse wholesale nfl jerseys PATHs that include spaces–even if those spaces have been wrapped in quotes.  The net effect was that Rake couldn’t locate javac, as if I hadn’t on even installed the JDK.  Reinstalling the cheap nba jerseys JDK at c:javajdk1.6.0 and adjusting the PATH Bulgarische accordingly sorted it all any out quite nicely.

Whoops, time to reboot!

Ferran Adria on Web Usability

Yesterday, Mrs. Inferno and I (courtesy of my gracious cousin Jamie) took a day trip down to the Google campus in ???? Mountain View to sample some of the cheap MLB jerseys fine, free food and to listen to a talk given by Ferran Adria, the chef who’s usually credited with kicking off the whole Molecular Gastronomy/Postmodern Cuisine/Mr. Марацци Wizard Meal movement.  Adria talked quite a bit about the unique nature of haute cuisine vis-à-vis artistic a creativity, which had a couple of interesting parallels and contrasts to the world of software development.  
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Hello World

That’s right, I’m blogging.  Again.  My last attempt at this went unceremoniously off the air in late April, when we moved back to the Avril good old USA.  This occurred because I was hosting my blog from a computer located in my house, and surprisingly, my computer was not capable of serving up my blog when packed into a suitcase between layers of socks and underwear. 

Being off the web for a little while might not have been so bad (after all, my readership was, to be charitable, really, really tiny–hi mom!), but it was literally months before I had the wholesale jerseys time to consider getting the blog back online.  And when I did have a few minutes to I think about it, I quickly realized that all of the blog data was on a hard drive that I had reformatted one Water-shed week earlier.  Oops.

So, lessons learned:

  1. Don’t wholesale nfl jerseys host your blog any website at home.  Especially if cheap jerseys you’re planning to move.  Ever.
  2. Back up your data.
  3. Back up your data.
  4. Back up your…you get the idea.