Bar Tartine

Tracey and I dined at Bar Tartine last night–excellent night out. The space is one of those really narrow ones that you often see in San Francisco, but rather than pushing the kitchen all the way to the back, Usability they’ve divided the back half of the restaurant lengthwise with the eponymous bar and used it to divide the diners from the chefs. The place Disposables is fairly romantic, with a very beautiful chandelier made of… antlers. Sounds bizarre, but it works.

The meal itself was excellent.  I started with a slightly modified version of their charcuterie plate (substituted the dairy-ful chicken liver paté for larger helpings of the mortadella and pig’s ear terrine).  Great stuff.  The meat was served with whole-grain mustard, fig (or was that date?) paste, and grilled bread.  “Grilling” sounds like a Spaces fancy way of saying “toasted”, but believe you me–there’s a big difference.  Tracey started with a foie gras mousse; I only took the tiniest of tastes, but they managed to concentrate a lot of flavor into something that only felt a shade heavier wholesale mlb jerseys than air.

Our main courses were also very well-prepared. I had wholesale mlb jerseys the Wholesale Washington Redskins Jerseys lamb loin, which was beautifully presented and perfectly pink in the de middle, and Tracey услуги had the veal breast, which was served in an excellent glacé sauce. Tracey’s only quibble was that despite our server’s warnings when we ordered, the veal breast was even fattier than Tracey would have liked.  (Apparently, when he told us that it was a 60/40 split, he meant 60% fat.)

For dessert, Tracey took the chocolate terrine, which was served with candied peanuts and a nearly perfect caramel drizzled over the top.  Unfortunately, the terrine itself, while fairly deeply chocolaty, was also a World bit too buttery.  I took the trio of sorbets: quince (just ok), pear (pretty in nice, actually), and concord grape (now that’s what I’m talking about).

The wine we chose (K Vintners Pheasant Vineyard Wahluke Slope Syrah 2006) was fairly fruit-forward and medium-bodied, and paired well with both of my courses.  That was a bit of a relief, because it seemed a bit one-dimensional before the food arrived, and, well, it wasn’t exactly bin-end bargain priced.

In summary: that’s a good one.  We’ll definitely be coming back here.

561 Valencia St
(between 16th St & 17th St)
San Francisco, CA 94110

(415) 487-1600

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