Sushi Ran

Matt (foodie friend from London) was in town last week, and being that this was his first ever visit to the Bay Area, Tracey and I felt obligated to show him the highlights of the vaunted SF restaurant scene.  And obviously, we’d have to take him out for sushi, since London’s sushi is always expensive and usually crap.

But where to go?  We racked our brains for a place in town that would be worth crossing eight time zones, and couldn’t come up with anything that fit the bill.  In a final act of desperation, I started digging through  Zagat and came across the listing for Sushi Ran.  Now that’s what I’m talking about.  Tracey and I had been there for lunch last month and were very impressed, but we had completely forgotten about it in our frenzy to find a place within the 7×7.  Fortunately, booking with only a day’s notice was no problem for a Wednesday night, and so we made the picturesque (even at night!) trek across the bridge to Sausalito. Continue reading