Regent Thai

Regent Thai is located right in Noe Valley’s “Gourmet Ghetto”, a 5 or 10 minute walk from our house. Despite its proximity, we had never eaten there before today.  This was due to a misremembered cleanliness score from the SF Department of Public Health; a situation resolved today by a quick, serendipitous visit to Turns out that Regent most recently scored a stellar 98 out of 100; so as of this writing, there’s no need to worry about their food safety. Continue reading

New Look

I’ve finally taken the time to give this site some long-deserved TLC: I’ve updated to the newest version of WordPress (yay!), I’ve fixed LightBox (double yay!), and I’ve switched to a beautiful new theme by Matthew Browne of MB Web Design (ooooh…aaahh).

The only problem is that the site doesn’t look the same on both Macs and PC’s because I fell in love… with the Optima font.  Although that font comes with every Mac, it’s nowhere to be found on the PC (because Microsoft’s too cheap to license it). Thus, PC users will have to bear the burden of reading these entries with slightly less attractive headings.  The horror.


At the height of the dot-com boom, I worked for a (very) hip web consultancy at the corner of 8th and Folsom.  Every once in a while, a project manager might notice all of the hard work that we developers were doing and take us out to lunch–and Basil was a very popular choice with both the benefactors and the beneficiaries.  Managers liked it because Continue reading