Regent Thai

Regent Thai is located right in Noe Valley’s “Gourmet Ghetto”, a 5 or 10 minute walk from our house. Despite its proximity, we had never eaten there before today.  This was due to a misremembered cleanliness score from the SF Department of Public Health; a situation resolved today by a quick, serendipitous visit to Turns out that Regent most recently scored a stellar 98 out of 100; so as of this writing, there’s no need to worry about their food safety.

But whatever, right?  I regularly eat at places that score in the 70s, so who am I to obsess about this kind of stuff? The only thing I really care about is whether the food is any good, and I’m pleased to report that Regent is rock solid on that front.  Nothing fancy, mind you, just good, flavorful food perfect for a low-key night out.  Tracey and I shared another bowl of Tom Kha Gai, which lacked a lot of the citrus power found in the version we tried at Basil.  It also lacked the mushrooms and (to be completely honest) about half of the chicken slices, but was still just the thing to warm us on a cold and damp summer night.

Tracey’s Chicken in Green Curry was a similar story to the soup… rustic compared to Basil, but completely delicious.  I tried the Minced Chicken with Basil, Chilies, and Garlic, and it was, again, very good without being too fancy.

By now, you must have picked up on the theme… it was pretty well cemented in my head by the time we asked for the check: “Yeah, this place is pretty good, but not as good as the one we tried last week.” Then I looked at the bill.  No, Regent’s cuisine is not as subtle or refined as the food at Basil, but at nearly half the price, I’m quite certain that we’ll be eating at Regent a lot more often.

1700 Church Street at 29th
San Francisco CA 94131

(415) 643-5893

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