Mission Street Food – Fred Sassen

It’s back to MSF once again this week to sample the cuisine of Farallon’s Fred Sassen. Before I get into it, though, I need to atone for an omission from my last MSF review: Lung Shan, the Chinese restaurant that hosts MSF, has a very limited amount of glassware suitable for the proper enjoyment of wine (i.e. the kind where you can get your nose into the bowl of the glass when you sip.) So you have three options: Continue reading

Slanted Door

Finally, finally, finally. I’ve wanted to dine at Slanted Door for literally years, but somehow, the opportunity never presented itself. (And yet, Tracey’s eaten there at least three times in a little more than a year since we’ve moved back. Doubleyouteeeff?) Today, though, with just an hour and a half until showtime at the Embarcadero Center, we took a chance and scurried over to the Ferry Building sans reservations.

And our gamble paid off, but just barely… Continue reading

A Revolution…In Ugly?

Just took a quick look at the website for Coda Automotive, upon learning that former Tesla Motors marketing director Darryl Siry has joined up. Coda is one of the more recent entrants into the growing EV market, and are attempting to bring an electrically propelled 4-door sedan to market for an MSRP of $45,000.

Unfortunately, as you can see from this gallery, the product is completely hideous. Say what you will about Tesla (Roadster, Model S), Fisker (Karma), and even GM (Volt)… at least they’ve figured out how to make their products desirable.

Mission Street Food – Cuisine Of The Ottoman Empire

Tonight I finally made good on a long-standing promise to myself and ate at Mission Street Food. MSF is an organization that rents out a Chinese restaurant on Mission street every Thursday and Saturday in order to host a different guest chef every week.  The extremely reasonable prices(i.e. most plates less than $10, and everything less than $15) and the $5 corkage fee make this a relatively cheap way to experience great food. Continue reading


Tracey and I are in the last week of a 3-week “nutritional detox” program. The motivation here was to participate in something that would force us to think a little more about what (and when) we eat. I’ll be the first to admit that all two often, we fall back on whatever is easiest to prepare (or, let’s face it, order in) rather than giving careful consideration about what constitutes a nutritious, balanced meal.

The basic premise is Continue reading