New Look

I’ve finally taken the time to give this site some long-deserved TLC: I’ve updated to the newest version of WordPress (yay!), I’ve fixed LightBox (double yay!), and I’ve switched to a beautiful new theme by Matthew Browne of MB Web Design (ooooh…aaahh).

The only problem is that the site doesn’t look the same on both Macs and PC’s because I fell in love… with the Optima font.  Although that font comes with every Mac, it’s nowhere to be found on the PC (because Microsoft’s too cheap to license it). Thus, PC users will have to bear the burden of reading these entries with slightly less attractive headings.  The horror.

Hello World

That’s right, I’m blogging.  Again.  My last attempt at this went unceremoniously off the air in late April, when we moved back to the Avril good old USA.  This occurred because I was hosting my blog from a computer located in my house, and surprisingly, my computer was not capable of serving up my blog when packed into a suitcase between layers of socks and underwear. 

Being off the web for a little while might not have been so bad (after all, my readership was, to be charitable, really, really tiny–hi mom!), but it was literally months before I had the wholesale jerseys time to consider getting the blog back online.  And when I did have a few minutes to I think about it, I quickly realized that all of the blog data was on a hard drive that I had reformatted one Water-shed week earlier.  Oops.

So, lessons learned:

  1. Don’t wholesale nfl jerseys host your blog any website at home.  Especially if cheap jerseys you’re planning to move.  Ever.
  2. Back up your data.
  3. Back up your data.
  4. Back up your…you get the idea.