Regent Thai

Regent Thai is located right in Noe Valley’s “Gourmet Ghetto”, a 5 or 10 minute walk from our house. Despite its proximity, we had never eaten there before today.  This was due to a misremembered cleanliness score from the SF Department of Public Health; a situation resolved today by a quick, serendipitous visit to Turns out that Regent most recently scored a stellar 98 out of 100; so as of this writing, there’s no need to worry about their food safety. Continue reading

New Look

I’ve finally taken the time to give this site some long-deserved TLC: I’ve updated to the newest version of WordPress (yay!), I’ve fixed LightBox (double yay!), and I’ve switched to a beautiful new theme by Matthew Browne of MB Web Design (ooooh…aaahh).

The only problem is that the site doesn’t look the same on both Macs and PC’s because I fell in love… with the Optima font.  Although that font comes with every Mac, it’s nowhere to be found on the PC (because Microsoft’s too cheap to license it). Thus, PC users will have to bear the burden of reading these entries with slightly less attractive headings.  The horror.


At the height of the dot-com boom, I worked for a (very) hip web consultancy at the corner of 8th and Folsom.  Every once in a while, a project manager might notice all of the hard work that we developers were doing and take us out to lunch–and Basil was a very popular choice with both the benefactors and the beneficiaries.  Managers liked it because Continue reading

Sushi Ran

Matt (foodie friend from London) was in town last week, and being that this was his first ever visit to the Bay Area, Tracey and I felt obligated to show him the highlights of the vaunted SF restaurant scene.  And obviously, we’d have to take him out for sushi, since London’s sushi is always expensive and usually crap.

But where to go?  We racked our brains for a place in town that would be worth crossing eight time zones, and couldn’t come up with anything that fit the bill.  In a final act of desperation, I started digging through  Zagat and came across the listing for Sushi Ran.  Now that’s what I’m talking about.  Tracey and I had been there for lunch last month and were very impressed, but we had completely forgotten about it in our frenzy to find a place within the 7×7.  Fortunately, booking with only a day’s notice was no problem for a Wednesday night, and so we made the picturesque (even at night!) trek across the bridge to Sausalito. Continue reading

Hitting Below the Belt

Yesterday, we received a flyer in the mail from a company that manages vacation rentals.  Here’s what the front of the flyer looks like (click the photo for a close-up look):


Tug at the heartstrings much?

Tug at the heartstrings much?

(You’ll notice that I have not included the name of the company in the above scan…fat chance, you bastards!) Apparently, in this challenging economic environment, it’s important to remember that emotional blackmail is fair play when encouraging your customers to buy, buy, buy.

Dear Citibank

I know you’re really concerned about identity theft.  After all, it must cost you millions of dollars every year!  So I’m not really surprised that you put the following on the back of the envelope containing my latest statement:


This is how you prevent ID theft?

This is how you prevent ID theft?

The problem is that, well, the text you’ve put on the back of the envelope kinda broadcasts the fact that it contains sensitive personal information.  Maybe next month you might consider writing something less likely to catch the eye of evildoers?  Something like “IDENTITY THIEVES–INQUIRE WITHIN”?

Stupid Grocery Tricks: Cream Top Milk

Food fads can be a real hoot to watch.  Take for example, the whole Raw Milk debate: some folks claim that heat destroys many of the health benefits of milk produced by grass-fed cows. So now you can buy unpasteurized, unhomogenized milk, if you know where to look.  Milk sold in this form is visually different than “normal” milk–you know the saying “the cream rises to the top”?  Well, now you know where that came from.  

But what if you want the look of raw milk, but you’re a little freaked out about the prospect of all of those little microorganisms saturating your chocolate-chip cookie?  Or maybe you’re a dairy farmer whose barn isn’t quite clean enough to safely produce milk that isn’t subjected to a very reliable industrial sterilization process?  Well, there’s a new product for you–“Cream Top” milk!


A little help, here?

A little help, here?

OK, OK, there are a few of issues.  First of all, there’s the name.  Cream Top? It sounds like a particularly disgusting genre of pornography.  Second, theres’s obviously a teeny-weeny problem with, well… GETTING THE MILK OUT OF THE BOTTLE when you first open it.  The label implores one to shake the bottle before pouring, but unfortunately, that cream forms an impenetrable capsule impervious to (at least my) best efforts at shaking.  So you’ll have to use a knife or something to puncture the cream in order to pour the milk.  

The third problem is that the now-dislodged cream cap will now break into many smaller chunks that float around in the milk.  Again, the solution here is supposed to be shaking.  (Presumably, the people who like this product are pretty good at violently flailing their limbs.)  Unfortunately, the cap provided with the bottle is a little bit tricky, and if you’re not EXTREMELY CAREFUL, you’ll end up with skim spray and cream chunks all over the kitchen.  

I think that name is starting to get to me.

Dear San Francisco

Yes.  That IS what you think it is.

Hey!  I just wanted to let you know that I found the present that you got for me.  And also to say “Thank you”.  How thoughtful!  But how did you know that I would be walking up Polk Street today?  I thought it was a little strange that you would leave a present like this perched atop a decapitated parking meter, in full view of all passersby.  Weren’t you a little worried that someone might steal it before I found it?  Not that I’m one to look a gift horse in the mouth.  Or a gift bud, as the case may be.

I have to say that this is a major improvement on your past gifts. I mean those parking tickets that you left under my windshield–those were a real pain to deal with. And pretty darn expensive, too!  And the occasional nasty note because you didn’t like the way I parked?  Well, those were pretty mean.   Really, those could barely be considered presents at all!  So maybe this is your way of making up for all of that.  I appreciate the gesture.

But uhhhh… next time you want to give me a gift, how about something a little more… pedestrian?  And by “pedestrian”, I do not mean leaving it on the sidewalk.